Every week, pretty much, Kevin Myers writes an article that sparks outraged indignation across that portion of the internet that knows who Kevin Myers is. Directed by links on Twitter or Facebook, hundreds of people flock to the Irish Independent website to read the piece and see for themselves what all the fuss is about. This, of course, is one of the reasons why the Irish Independent continues to publish the increasingly mad ramblings of the man Myers: they know he kicks up stinks, and they know that stinks are good for their bottom line. More hits means more money extracted from advertisers.

So: this site will reproduce Myers’s article every week, as soon as it is available on the Irish Independent website. The hope is that people will come here if and when they wish to read and comment on his terrible columns, rather than going to independent.ie and further filling the coffers of INM.

The correct course of action may well be to simply ignore Myers, but on those occasions when that is impossible, you can amuse/enrage yourself with his textular nonsense here.

  1. Rachel said:

    Great idea.

  2. Sean said:

    Nice one.

  3. A.Tomás said:

    Will there be
    photo-shopped pictures of Myarse?

  4. donal sheehy said:

    The Irish Indo internet version is available sometime on tuesday..It is then taken down and held until sometime on wednesday….The column for the rest of the week ( KM dosen’t always do 4 columns a week ) is then 24 hours behind the newspaper version of The Irish Indo…….They also use an unattributed internet version for some hours to delay reaction to KM’s madder moments. KM’s column is unlike most of the other columnist’s work and usually easily spotted…
    It is for this reason that most reader’s on wednesday thought the Irish Indo had removed the unpopular column because of the bad reaction to it..But that was just part of the usual ploy to hinder response…

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